by CisAdmin at 12:11 PM
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Hey MCWarfare players,
Massive updates inbound! In the past few weeks, resets have been planned out, a new factions reset map has been built, and we're almost ready to roll out the newest MCWF beta map. I honestly can't wait. With that being said, Wednesday will have a pre-release at 6:00 pm EST for everyone who wants to get a head start on the server. Friday night at 4:00 pm EST is when the server will be fully released. We will have a 50% off sale, along with events and contests, so make sure to stick around! I hope to see you all there for this next big step in MCWarfare.
by Astrologik at 5:37 AM
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Hello Recruits,

You may have noticed my inactivity throughout the last week and my recent inactivity. For one, I’ve been on Vacation and given some time to think about life and the future of MCWarfare. I’ve ultimately decided to step down as Owner/Director of MCWarfare and let @CisAdmin take over my position. I truly believe that he will lead MCWarfare into great success and bring our server to great heights.

My resignation stemmed from the fact that I find no interested in owning Minecraft servers any longer. I’ve had this passion since I was a little kid but I have recently grown out of it. This game has become dull and boring in my eyes. I want to hand it off to someone else that knows how this game works and how to run a proper community.

Only good things will come out of this. All the bugs will be repaired by the new owner and he will grow this server. I will still be on from time to time managing the community.

Best wishes
by CisAdmin at 5:26 AM
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Hey Everyone

Very happy to meet you all. My name is Daniel, and I will be helping with MCWF starting as soon as possible. Because of Astro's recent abdication of the position of owner through reasons he explained here (, he thought it would be wise to replace himself with someone he trusts and which he believes will help the server grow. Which is where I come in. Through the hard work of the other staff members, the server has done well and is continuing strong, and hopefully of the addition of me to the team, will continue to do so.

Considering Astro's past work with the server and the amazon job he has done, he will be staying with us as a Manager to help whenever he can. Anyways, this is just a short introduction until I return from a business trip to New York next Wednesday the 10th. To be completely honest, I cannot wait until I return as I love working on interesting projects with...
by Vossy at 12:52 PM
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Hello, Warfarians!

Monthly, I'll be making Staff Announcement Updates regarding staff applications, the staff system, promotions, and demotions, resignations, and applicants who have made it into the staff team. I'll also be doing any important staff disclaimers or notes that you would need to know if you're an applicant, member or even a staff member.

Me, (@Vossy) and @Xeris will be the staff members who will be deciding on applications, interviewing applicants and giving new staff members a tour. Please do not brag us to look at your application, or else your application will get immediately declined, if you get declined, you can re-apply after the 30 day period, to be more helpful, we'll give you the exact date in your denial reason for which exact day you can apply again.

It's been a bumpy ride with the staff team and system with the first few weeks of the release. There have been...
by XeroSky at 8:31 AM
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The first week is up!
Hello Warfarians,
My name is XeroSky and this week you get to hear from me! It has been a hectic first week on the server which I hope everyone has enjoyed. I'd also like to thank many of you for your patience with the somewhat bumpy ride we have had.

Custom Enchants
We have started implementing the custom enchantment system into the server with /enchanter. As this is new there will be plenty of bugs to be had and issues to be discovered. It should however, give you a general idea of what to expect when it is fully launched. Soooo as a result you guys have an amazing opportunity to influence the end product.

I want every part of MCWarfare to be a reflection of what the community has requested and needs.

The custom enchantment plugin is no different. So, please provide feedback, bug...
by Astrologik at 7:43 AM
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Hello Recruits,

Since the forums got hijacked and erased, there has been multiple inquiries regarding the whereabout of the staff applications. Luckily, I have already chosen 2 users that will be promoted within the coming weeks prior to the forum hijack. We are paying attention to you.

On a second note, there will be a Crate Key All tomorrow at 4PM EST and 1PM PST. Be there, or be square.

I have always added crates again and buffed the envoy system. Eventually, I will get around to releasing bosses and other goodies for you guys to try out.

Thank you for continuing to show your support for the server!
by Astrologik at 3:22 AM
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Hello recruits,

There's no other way to explain, but our network got overturned by a 12 year old. Let me take the time to explain how this issue came about.

Rigby was a system administrator recommended to me by a close friend. He had an excellent resume and experience in server administration. When we bought our new servers off the host, he did a superb job at setting them up quickly and efficiently. Attached is the image of how Griffen first introduced himself to me. Looks professional and believable.

A day before release, he admitted to me that he had a severe mental illness and was only 12 years old. Sure enough, age doesn't matter to me (Note to all you applicants). As long as he did a good job at what he was doing, it shouldn't be an issue.

One night, Rigby had a mental breakdown when he couldn't find his father a birthday present. He threw a tantrum at the staff team and especially at me....